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Champions are made in the weight room and with our off-season conditioning program

Cornerstone of Our Football Program

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Our strength and conditioning program and coaches are the best in state.

We recognize student-athletes that put the time in the weight room.

Wildcat Iron Champions

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Any athlete who meets the Better Faster Stronger (BFS) All American standards for Power Clean, Squat and Bench Press, will be recognized in the entrance to the weight room.


Posted in the weight room are:

  • All-time records in the weight room
  • Bench press competition scores
  • Strongest Cat Competition,
  • Iron Cat Award for hardest worker of the year (Picture posted)
  • Circle of Honor photos (Former Wildcat Greats Photo).
  • Players who make all summer work outs receive Iron Cat shirt at the end of summer that will be handed out in front of team on 1st day of doubles.