Westview Youth Football Camps
Please refer to the CALENDAR on this website to find the most updated information on camp times and dates.

Youth SAQ Camp

The Youth SAQ Camp prepares athletes for the High School Weight Room Program. Participants will learn proper technique and running form to increase overall athletic performance. They will develop balance, speed, quickness strength and ability to use all athletic components at once.

  • Increase full range of motion (flexibility & injury prevention)
  • Gain strength/confidence
  • Develop physical readiness for upcoming season
  • Develop quick recuperation following maximal effort
  • Body weight movements only with a focus on safety and injury prevention
  • And most importantly… HAVE FUN!

tall blankSpring Tech Youth Camp

The Spring Tech Camp is for 8th grade youth and incoming Freshman. This is a non-padded football camp.The camp will focus on fundamentals and 7 on 7 Install to enhance skills while learning program specifics to help players enter Westview HS with confidence.  The camp encompasses Skill positions on both Offense and Defense through individual tech sessions.  It’s then put into action with game situations via 7 on 7 identical to Varsity passing league.  We didn’t forget about our heavies where games are won.  We will have Offensive and Defensive Line Tech sessions with specific verbiage and techniques to Westview HS.

Hosted by Freshmen and JV Staff with special appearance by Head Coach Atkinson on D Line Play.

This camp is free. 

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